Company Profile Waternics Technology Co., Ltd.

Waternics specializes in the field of water treatment,is the global leader of pool water treatment and intelligent drip irrigation solutions.Since 1965,when Israel introduced the world's drip solution to the world,many irrigation products have helped the world's people to produce high-yielding and high-quality crops in drought-scarce and water-scarce areas,while minimizing the need for precious natural resources of consumption,building a recycled development economy.


With a strong innovation spirit and strong scientific technology strength,Waternics is growing in leadership,experience and professional knowledge.In recent years,Waternics become a leader in eco-swimming pools,and vigorously promote the recycled development drip irrigation technology of agriculture.Waternics has a lots of factories globally,with loyal customers in many countries and regions.As an ecological swimming pool water treatment pioneer,through continuous technological innovation,Waternics has established eco-swimming pool water treatment technology standards in the world.We help customers achieve low-input,high-quality,harmless water treatment,return the world's top water quality while protecting the Earth's limited natural resources.

Swimming Pool

The advaced,high standard product combination of Waternics,fulfills a variety of customer requirements for the high level of the pool system.

Waternics provides a cost-effective water treatment products to the hotel pool,luxury private pool villas,spa pools,baby swimming pools,public swimming pools,etc.,so that your hotel,villa with a pure,transparent,environmentally friendly swimming pool heart.

As a l*ader in the emerging water treatment technology,Waternics knows how to help customers experience the high quality water in a simple way,and constantly understand the needs of customers to establish a harmless and recyclable water environment.We are deeply rooted in the water sector and leverage our expertise,cutting-edge technology and ongoing commitment to help our customers achieve high-end,efficient,persistent and sustainable results.Our comprehensive and evolving solutions ensures that our customers enjoy a steady stream of successes and long-term future.

Agriculture Irrigation

Waternics has globally created an agricultural irrigation system.Through many years of innovation and field-proven success,we continually expand and enhance our smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions.Keeping in mind that the company's commitment is to help customers invest less and gain more,and constantly define new ways to achieve this commitment.We use the world's efficient drip irrigation and micro-irrigation technology,combined with the changing global customer demand awareness,our solutions are always more accurate,controllable and highly creative.